name:kid marscat (honorific "kid" lastname "mars" firstname "cat")
OK but for real tho what's your name:catherine maria jeanette [redacted] martinez
gender:yes please
sexual orientation:i seem to be lost
date of birth:1991/03/21
brand:half native american, half celtic, all american (south)
eye color:mostly green, sometimes blue due to how irises work
hair color:dark brown, unless i make another lifestyle mistake
skin color:light pink
marital status:i'm some dude's wife
what kinda dude is he:he's this cool, smart, goofy dude with curly hair, tan skin, a glorious beard, a beautiful smile, deep dark eyes, i love him so much it's unreal
profession:musician, game developer, filmmaker, visual artist, hacker, graphic designer, web designer, add-on developer, doom mapper, cyberterrorist, type designer, actress, business owner, ex-comedian, occultist, archivist, shitposter, ex-criminal, communist, gnostic priest, ex-barista, ex-dishwasher, feminist, saint, cat owner, turntablist, objectivist, screenwriter, philosopher, one-time catwalk model, rapper, chiptuner, catholic nun, essayist, fascist, pornographer and elvis inpersonator. some of these might be wrong or false though
how do i get out of here:just click this, fam