the girlzone

the girlzone is a page for my traditional symbolism/feminist female studies on art, music and film

this page will be a work-in-progress for the longest time, as my interest on these matters expands and matures. otherwise, i hope it serves as a good collection of women-oriented materials for those wanting to explore fundamental femininity and its mysteries, and not have to go digging through the canon of western and oriental works to figure out wtf. otherwise, i hope it helps you C:


this section is the most incomplete, since i rarely read books on this subject
however, here are some books i regard to be important to understanding the female condition

Camille Paglia, "Vamps & Tramps"

the best book exploring the relationship between femininity, culture, societies and civilization. it's brutally real and honest about the female condition, how men actually perceive and desire us, and provides real insight into what a self-declared "free woman" must do to survive and succeed in the modern world. this book stands atop art, pop culture, psychoanalysis and philosophy, bringing true manifest justice against the confused ideological dead end of mainstream feminism and prudish conservativism, into a celebration of paganism and the wild female drive. it's an essential read.

Alejandro Jodorowsky, "The Way of Tarot"

truly understanding fundamental symbols and their relationship to the human condition is very much necessary to live in accordance to our own archetypes, and fulfill our understanding of these aspects of our personalities and lives. this exploration of the Tarot of Marseilles as a canonical work of philosophy provides careful wisdom into both masculine and feminine principles that rule and shape our souls, and while it might not be made only for women, it explores enough of what it means to be dominated by the female mysteries to be helpful for the purposes of exploring the girlzone.

Abercrombie & Fitch with Slavoj Žižek, "Back to School 2003: The Sex Ed Issue"

i find it pretty much incredible, hilarious and brilliant that one of the best philosophical works about sex is hidden in a sexy fashion catalog. however, Žižek's words are about as real as you can get with sex art-propaganda, and every question presented here is both essentially necessary to be pondered on and to be answered. it's also pretty gorgeous too so you get both the striking beauty of sex and eroticism, and also some beautiful fashion photography.

comics and manga

here are some comics and mangas that i think are very much relevant to this quest

ShindoL, "Emergence"

im rarely taken serious when i declare this hentai manga to be one of the greatest feminist works, and one of the greatest comic books of the decade, if not the century, but i really mean it. revealing female sexuality in its true nature, from a prism of desire as much as one of deep compassion and understanding, this is one of the few works of art that gets female sexuality just right, from repression and self-discovery, to self-destruction and sublimation. the mystery of becoming a vessel for the world, and the liberated desire of achieving this great work, has never been realized artistically with this beauty, violence and perversion.

Daniel Clowes, "Ghost World"

as i talked in my short blurb about the film version of this comic, this is one of the greatest works about teenage boredom and unaimed female sexual desire that there's ever been portrayed in fiction, told throught a wise and compassionate eye towards the evil that young women can do. in comparison to the film, which is more streamlined and specific, the comic book has more of an ambiguous, dreamlike texture to it, which i think results in a more fundamentally feminine and emotional narrative. i recommend reading the comic and then watching the film, and comparing the different approaches there.


most of the music ever produced and released has been made by men for men, even many of the songs recorded with women as the lead performer. as featured on the right, there's here a carefully curated Spotify playlist with music that i love and think is fundamentally music for women, mostly by women, but also featuring a couple of guys who understood fundamental femininity well. from mainstream pop for teenagers, sensual house music, and french pop, to lesbic artpop, alt-idol music and sex magick songs, i hope this playlist provides a kaleidoscope view into true feminine pulsional music, for dance and for great emotional intensity. i will be expanding it as i discover new stuff that fits the theme, so hmu in twitter or whatever if you have a good lead ♡


i have made a list of what i consider to be great films about femininity in letterboxd, titles that i consider to be essential when exploring cinematic feminity from a female point of view and experience, while dealing with themes and mysteries that are essentially tied to the female condition. from high concept experimental works and anime, to funny teenage comedies and literal porn, all of these films are worth watching, even for those not seeking to understand womanhood. i hope these films prove as divinatory as they have been for me, and that they lead you to a better understanding of yourself as a woman. i will too be expanding this list as i discover new stuff, so, again, hmu in twitter or whatever if you have a good lead ♡