the world is depressing, and yet I am not depressed.
both mainstream art and underground art is depressing,
and yet I wanna make happy art, uplifting art, healing art.
the internet is a depressing place, filled with misery,
and yet I wanna create a sanctuary of happiness.

happy girl suprematism is the idea that feminine existence, and therefore all art made by women, can aspire to the kind of spiritual bliss promised to those willing to purify their soul and seek true knowledge. as women we are born in a world of dangers and comforts, and it's easy to fall prey both to those who want to hurt us and those who want to limit us under the promise of safety, and too much of the art made by women simply speaks from either fear or mundanity, rarely aspiring to the highs and lows, the heroism and strife, that men allow themselves to explore. true happiness, in life and in art, is therefore always beyond the wall of the prisons of the protection bestowed upon us, for the sake of our avoidance of danger. i say fuck that and declare that, as long as im a free woman in a free world, i will seek nothing but the real, both the great triumphs and the great failures, in the search for a fundamental happiness on this manifest world.

sad girl culture☠ is therefore an enemy to womanhood because it seeks to capitalize on the anxieties instilled into many women by the circumstances of their rearing. it teaches women that depression — which is innately the manifest emotion of repression and lack of power — is something worth identifying with and glorifying, and so it becomes a justification to never tearing down the walls of psychological oppression that come from being treated as an eternal child. sad girl ideas are therefore complicit with the kind of culture that tries to push down any woman that declares herself to be a warrior, an amazon, a whore, a drag queen, a terrorist — the true artists.

happy girl suprematism is one of the core tenets of KiD, and it's therefore essential to the ordainment required to turn a young girl into a woman/into a warrior/into a poet/into a dancer. our values are simple: freedom, beauty, heroism, honesty and fervor. and so my art aspires to those fundamental, unquestionable, igneous principles. my tragedies speak of true hell, and my hymns speak of true paradise; nothing less than this would be worth singing about, dancing about, telling stories about. me and my sisters, we can't promise a new tomorrow from our fight, but we can promise that, as long as we can make art, we will be aiming towards destroying the walls of this prison, for it's our right and duty as free women to manifest our Will and triumph over these horrors.

the world is not black and white, and there's much that exists in the grey, but as long as we can choose the forms, the tones and the colors of our art and war, the line between bliss and misery, truth and negation, heroism and servitude, will not be blurred. my happiness is eternal, my love is independent, and my path is one of glory in victory and dignified defeat. the choice to either obtain true joy or accept this invisible slavery is real and it's happening at your every movement, with every choice you make in your life and in your works. we command you to choose that which is eternal before the comforts of the ephemeral.