i will now tell you about what i learned from dropping out of high school:

you shouldn't do it. if you didn't do it already, you probably won't anyway. doesn't mean you gotta go to college/uni, but if you don't know what to do just yet, you're better off staying in the system. most people don't find a vocation in their life, they just do whatever, and that's wonderful. most people don't need a calling in their life; in any case, you don't choose your calling, the calling chooses you.

see whatever career would have the best balance between helping you find a good job, and not being too stressful. if you wanna do something nice for the world, become a doctor or a teacher. we always need more doctors or teachers, and any sort of people who can affect lives directly with their work. if you're a programmer or a scientist, you're probably only impacting lives from a long distance, that might make you feel isolated from the world. also many isolated businesses can be ugly beasts. there's a reason there's so much depression and exhaustion in the world. you don't want a fancy career? become a gardener. wash dishes. clean toilets. go sell hot dogs in a street corner. you can just become a hitchhiker, and live from doing small work across the land. you don't need to have a great career anyway. careers are hardly the most important thing in your life. there's no shame, and it's not failure, to have a small life. have the life that makes you happy, big or small, intense or peaceful. do what you gotta do to feel alive.

there's many luxuries in the world and most of them are irrelevant to your life. only buy what's useful to you. you don't need the best thing, you just need the things that can help you work better, and live better. the only good reason to buy something is that you will use it or consume it. rich people have houses filled with stuff they don't use or consume, and it's as meaningless to them as it will be meaningless to you. you don't need the fastest, prettiest car, you need a car that you will drive. you don't need a fancy house, you just need a place in which to store your crap. if you like collecting nonsense, you get to do it. be minimal unless you wanna go maximal for a purpose. no one can tell you how to use your space.

sincerely, you can do whatever you want. it's your life. it's gonna be hella short, so do what sounds fun to you, because that's the only stuff that will keep you happy and keep you going. the world has enough frustrated people in it, and too many people are clinging to meds rather than examining their life choices to find the root of their malaise. not that meds are bad. some people do need meds to live, and that's good. anything that keeps you alive, happy and productive is ultimately good.

back to the topic: drop out of high school if you already have a calling. you gotta live at least a coupla years in the system while feeling the desire to follow your calling. don't drop out of high school just from a temporary love for something shiny or cool. you gotta be obsessed, but also patient. if your calling is something that depends on you having a degree, stay in the system. if your calling is something that can be sold on a street corner, only then drop out. your calling doesn't need to be "being a rockstar". your calling can be selling hot dogs. there's no difference between these things. making a movie is no different from making a pizza, on the heart or in the mind. you're just making crap for other people to enjoy. there's no prestige in making things. kids make sandcastles and they're as wonderful as space rockets. if you think differently, you don't get the joy of making things yet. the joy of making is the only joy you will know in your so-called career. everything else is just added pressure and responsibility, bullshit you gotta deal with. fame is non-essential, you can just reach out for people. some will respond to your emails, most will just ignore you because they're too busy with their own crap. keep in touch with the nice folk, ignore the rest.

most people have internet all the time now. search engines are your friends, books are your masters. you wanna learn something new? go read an article about it. then go read a book if you really wanna know what it's really about. then you gotta go and do it. wanna learn how to do fonts? read an article about font design. then read some books about font design in general. then install a program that lets you design fonts, and create one. then go to a website that distributes fonts, and put it up there. you will make passive income from people buying your licenses to use your fonts. you wanna learn music? listen to a lot of music. buy an instrument. learn to play it. install a tracker program, and make music in it. you don't need the best software right now. you need something that you can use to manifest your visions into reality. your art doesn't need to be good, great, pretty, it just has to be unique to your experience of life, and have an unique voice that transports people into a world of your making. this is why Wesley Willis matters more than a lot of over-produced but otherwise generic crap out there. people feel tingly when they find something unique. your job is to give people something unique. also, people love buying things. buying things is enjoyable when you can afford them. let people buy things from you, so that they can be as happy as you will be when you buy things with their money.

people will ask you to finish high school a lot if you drop out. they're probably right. if they aren't, it's your job to prove them wrong. they're not being assholes, they just don't want you to suffer. most people will give you terrible advice because they're feeling afraid for you. it's your job to not be afraid, and trust your gut. the only way to convince people that something is workable is by making it work. don't argue, words are nonsense monkey noises and they hardly matter in most things. the only truth is that which is inevitable. people won't want you having a hot dog stand. people won't want you being a doctor. you gotta prove that you can make it by making it. if you fail, fail for yourself. go do something else. you can fail a million times and it doesn't matter as long as you have plans for next week. the fear of failure can make you cling to things you don't even want anymore, just because you're afraid of having to start all over. don't turn your failures into trainwrecks by never learning to give up, and start again. you win sometimes, you fail sometimes, you give up sometimes, as long as you keep on living there's always room for trying something different. most people don't see success until their 40s, 50s. most people depend on other people's kindness. no man is an island, people just like pretending they are. i wouldn't be here without the help of strangers, and neither would you.

ultimately, it's just choices. they don't matter. dropping out of high school doesn't mean anything past your teenage years. no one cares. it's not impressive to drop out, it's not impressive to stay in, it's not impressive to become anything. nothing is impressive except the play by play moments of your life. saving a life is impressive for like a week, then you gotta go back to just being a doctor. making a great album is impressive for like a week, and then you gotta go back to the studio to make new songs. your k/d ratio is less important than how much fun you had playing, so keep at it. the game is over when you stop having fun, and then you gotta go find something else to do. there's always more fun things to do.

honestly, just have fun with your life. the worst lives are those that are boring and tedious and make you wish you were dead. having fun makes you wish you could live a thousand years, because you don't want your happiness to end. me, i wish i could live forever because i'm having fun, not because i'm successful, or comfortable, or healthy, or rich. having fun is enough to make any day worth it. now go find something fun to do. if dropping out of high school will be more fun to you in the long run, then do it. everything can be made to work out in the end by prioritizing fun over anything else. in the immortal words of a great man, "if the game is not fun, why bother?"

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